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FX is an independent PC Game Developer and Publisher. Our offices in Madrid and Milan allow us to make the most of the Spanish, Latin American and Italian markets, dealing licenses Worldwide.

Established on June1st 1999, FX’s professional team has been in the PC Game industry since its European birth in the early 80’s.


We think everyone can have a great time playing computer games. That’s why our goal is to provide great gaming entertainment to the widest audience possible by publishing games developed by highly creative and talented independent studios, as well as developing our own in-house titles.


We want everyone to have access to computer games. In order to achieve this goal, we focus on four key points:

1. High quality publishing of games with the most attractive themes.
2. Communicating key points through TV campaigns.
3. Distributing through more than 20,000 points of sale, making the product available to all customers.
4. Working to offer the best entertainment at the lowest price.


We are proud to represent game companies and studios of international prestige such as Péndulo™ (Spain), Focus™ and Nadeo™ (France), Ascaron™ and CDV™ (Germany), Playlogic™ (Netherlands), RedLynx™ (Finland), Funcom™ (Norway), Haemimont™ and Black Sea™ (Bulgaria), Play Ten™ and GSC™ (Russia) and MindHabits™ (Canada).

Adventures like Runaway 2™, RTS like Sparta™ and action RPG like Sacred™ sold 100,000 units, proving that both our goal and our strategy are backed by our players’ support.

A special mention goes to the 1,000,000 copies sold by our franchise Imperivm RTC™, developed by Haemimont™.


Studio FX is the company’s true investment in R & D and innovative technology. Navy Moves is the first videogame that uses the Wam-Up system, a patented technology developed by FX that combines computers, the Internet and mobile phones to create a unique community gaming experience that makes the most of the social gaming experience.


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